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Piscatway, NJ 08854
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$133,308 Price is increasing
  • September 28, 2018 Sold to for $130,000.00
  • STATUS CHANGE September 18, 2018 MLS status change from ACTIVE to CONTRACT
  • We updated the value of your property on September 29, 2018. It has increased 4.6% since one year ago
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house 249 College Dr #249
Edison, NJ 08817

Basement Remodeling Costs – Where Does Your Money Go?
Basement Remodeling Prep

While any major remodeling project implies making a significant investment in your home, few areas create more potential for both problems and opportunities like a basement. For some homes, a finished basement can nearly double the livable space for your household, but the presence of moisture and inadequate insulation and ventilation can make for a grueling renovation process. Hiring a quality, knowledgeable contractor is crucial for a successful basement remodel, but so is deciding how to control your basement renovation cost. More than other remodeling projects, the cost of your new basement will be on the subcontractors and construction materials needed to make your basement ready for amenities and furnishings.

Signs You Might Be Headed for a Leaking Roof
Signs of a leaking roof

A leaking roof is the most obvious sign that it’s time to replace your roof, but it’s hardly the only one. Many of these signs will eventually lead to a leaking roof, but identifying these problems early enough can prevent water damage and save you money for your roof replacement project. Sometimes this early intervention can also be the difference between repairing your roof and replacing your roof. You should consider part of this decision, however, the age of the roof, otherwise you may find roof repair a constant burden.

Changes to Homes Near 08817 in Past 30 Days
For Sale
233 COLLEGE DR #233 listed for $129k
plus 2 others
Under Contract
442 COLLEGE DR #442 is under contract
258 COLLEGE DR sold for $147k
plus 5 others
For Rent
9 COLLEGE DR #9 listed for rent for $1,400
plus 1 other
32 COLLEGE DR #32 rented for $1,425
plus 2 others
  • In zipcode 08817 home prices are trending UP by 3.12% in past 12 months.
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